Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree is an American multi-price-point chain of discount variety stores headquartered in Chesapeake, Virginia[1]. It is a Fortune 500 company and operates through the Dollar Tree and Family Dollar brands[1][2]. Products are available online and in-store, with items ranging from restaurant supplies to party planners to tech upgrades[3][4].

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Dollar tree near me

InformationActions to Take
Store Locations– Dollar Tree has multiple locations in Brooklyn, New York, and throughout New Jersey.
– Customers can visit their nearest Dollar Tree store for in-person shopping.
Store Locator Feature– Customers can use the Store Locator feature on the Dollar Tree website to find their nearest store location.
– They can enter their zip code or city and state to see a list of nearby stores.
Online Shopping– Products are available for purchase on the Dollar Tree website.
– Customers can shop online and have their items shipped directly to their home.
– Shipping rates and delivery times may vary depending on the customer’s location and order size.

Dollar tree store hours

Store hoursVary by location
How to find store hoursUse the Store Locator feature on the Dollar Tree website or contact Dollar Tree customer service
Example store hours4111 W Genesee St in Syracuse, NY is open Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm

Dollar tree locations

Store LocationsStates
Dollar Tree– Minnesota
– California
– Florida

Dollar tree store locator

Finding Nearest Store Location– Use the Store Locator feature on the Dollar Tree website.
– Enter zip code, city, or state to find nearest store.
– Get directions and store hours.
Store Locations by State– Find store locations in specific states.
– Visit the Dollar Tree website.
– Click on “Store Locator” and choose your state.
– Get directions and store hours.
Dollar Tree PLUS– Shop favorites from Dollar Tree PLUS.
– Find $3 and $5 items on the Dollar Tree website.
– Purchase online or in-store.

Dollar tree store online shopping

Shopping OptionsProduct Range
Customers can shop online for bulk Dollar Tree products– Groceries
– Household necessities
– Party supplies
– Tech upgrades
Searching for Products– Use the search box on the Dollar Tree website
– Browse items through the navigation menu on the website
Alternative Options– Visit Family Dollar’s online store for similar products

Dollar tree products

Products Available at Dollar Tree
Household Essentials
Health and Beauty Supplies
Pet Supplies
Holiday Items

Customers can shop for Dollar Tree products in two ways. They can either visit their local store to find hidden treasures or shop online for bulk products. The products available at Dollar Tree include household essentials, health and beauty supplies, pet supplies, crafts, holiday items, and games.

Dollar tree best deals

Items Offered at Dollar TreePrice
Greeting Cards$1.25 or less
Composition Books$1.25 or less
Poster Board$1.25 or less
Foam Core$1.25 or less
Other Items$1.25 or less
Ways to Find Deals at Dollar TreeActions to Take
Latest Coupon Offers– Check out the latest Dollar Tree coupon offers on their website or social media pages.
Deals– Look for deals on specific items or categories of products.
– Visit your local store and browse the aisles for discounted items.
– Sign up for Dollar Tree’s loyalty program to receive exclusive offers and rewards.
– Join Dollar Tree’s email list to receive updates on sales and promotions.

Dollar tree coupon

Where to Find Dollar Tree Coupons
The Krazy Coupon Lady[1]
LA Times[2]
Coupon Cabin[3]
Dollar Tree Website[5]

Customers looking for Dollar Tree coupons, deals, and promo codes can find them on various websites like The Krazy Coupon Lady, LA Times, Coupon Cabin, and Groupon. Additionally, customers can check the Dollar Tree website to see if they accept coupons.

Dollar tree review

Dollar Tree has mixed reviews from customers and employees. Customers can review products online that they have purchased in stores[1]. Some customers have reported poor customer service and issues with refunds[2]. Employees have rated Dollar Tree 3.0 out of 5 on Glassdoor, with 42% of employees recommending working at Dollar Tree[3].

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