Hugo insurance

Hugo insurance

Hey, have you heard of Hugo Insurance? It’s a car insurance company that lets you pay as you go, perfect for drivers on a budget [1]. Backed by Founders Fund and Canaan, Hugo’s mission is to make car insurance accessible for everyone [1]. Hugo was founded in 2016 and launched its first product in 2017 – you can buy liability insurance in just a few minutes on their website, and manage your policy and payments 24/7 using their web app [2].

Great news – in 2021, SafeAuto partnered with Hugo to offer cost-effective, pay-as-you-go car insurance that’s tailored to dollar-conscious drivers [2]. So if you’re in Illinois or California, you can take advantage of this partnership and buy liability insurance quickly and easily on [2].

Plus, did you know that Hugo Nunez is also an agent for State Farm? He can help you get free quotes on all kinds of insurance, from auto to home, life, health, and even pet medical insurance [3][4].


Hugo insurance plans

Coverage optionsFlex– Designed for drivers who drive most days and want liability coverage on a budget-friendly payment plan[3].<br>- Provides instant proof of insurance[2].<br>- Allows customers to turn off their insurance coverage for the days they don’t drive[4].<br>- Available in Illinois and California.
Basic– Insurance coverage option.<br>- Available in Illinois and California.
Full– Insurance coverage option.<br>- Available in Illinois and California.
Availability– Illinois<br>- California
FeaturesInstant proof of insurance[2] and 24/7 web app for policy and payment management– Customers can purchase liability insurance in minutes at<br>- Manage their policy and payments through Hugo’s 24/7 web app[2].
Hurricane– Covers all vehicles regardless of age or make.<br>- Recently launched.

Hugo health insurance cost

Hugo Health InsuranceLincoln Health
CostVaries depending on the plan and carrierProvides price transparency for self-pay individuals with top inpatient and outpatient procedure costs
Payment OptionsZero down, zero hidden fees
Proof of InsuranceProof of insurance in under 6 minutes
Health InformationCommitted to helping people embrace the potential of their health information for themselves, their families, and society
ACA PlansACA health insurance plans available near Hugo, Minnesota
Dental & VisionDental and vision insurance plans available as low as $10.95/month

Hugo health insurance cost comparison

Bronze Health Insurance PlanSilver Health Insurance Plan
MonthlyLowest premiumsHigher premiums
DeductibleHighest deductiblesLower deductibles
CopaymentsHigher copaymentsLower copayments
CostMore cost-sharingLess cost sharing
ImportanceN/AUsed as benchmark
ComparisonUse Health InsuranceUse Health Insurance
Marketplace CalculatorMarketplace Calculator
AvailabilityIn Hugo, MinnesotaIn Hugo, Minnesota
Estimated PricesShown before applyingShown before applying

Hugo health insurance coverage

Hugo HealthHealthMarkets
CoverageVariety of health insurance plans and carriersACA health insurance plans comparison tool
CostZero down, zero hidden feesNo cost
PopulationCoverage for basic health insurance needs
86.9% of the population aged 65 and under has
health insurance coverage according to MN Compass
Comparison ToolProvides ACA health insurance plans comparison
tool for Hugo, Minnesota residents

Hugo health insurance customer service

Customer ServicePay-as-you-go Car Insurance
MethodWebsite, phone number (1-866-321-4846),Partnered with SafeAuto
and email contacts
AvailabilityAvailable for customer serviceTailored to dollar-conscious drivers

Hugo health insurance reviews

People seem to like Hugo Health Insurance because it’s affordable and convenient [1][2]. They even offer a pay-by-day option to make it more affordable than usual [3]. The employees at Hugo Technologies enjoy good health benefits too, such as work-from-home and holiday compensation [4]. Lastly, Hugo Health helps you control your health data by giving you choices on how to use it [5].

Positive Reviews of Hugo Health InsuranceEmployee Benefits at Hugo Technologies
ConvenienceCustomers praise the convenience of servicesGood health benefits such as work from home
AffordabilityCustomers praise the affordability of servicesopportunities and holiday compensation
Pay by DayCustomers note they can pay for insurance by the day
making it more affordable than traditional methods
CommitmentCommitted to helping people gain agency over their health data
by providing them with choices for how they may want to use it


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